Fundraising Therapy

Sometimes the fundraising world can seem like an overwhelming place with unreasonable expectations and donor dead ends. Trust us. We've been there too. Let us be your confidant and solution making machine behind the scenes to give you the confidence to have crucial conversations and crush those fundraising goals. 

Whether you are new to fundraising and are looking to learn the ropes, an executive looking for a new perspective on how to raise funds, or a team in need of help thinking outside of the box, we can help your organization with training and one-on-one coaching to help you raise a boat load of money.​​

Coaching and Training

Event planning can be a pain in the   you-know-what. We can help organize, prioritize, help train volunteers and creatively come up with unique and fun events that will appeal to your supporters and put you in a position to tell your story to a captivated audience. 

Event Planning

Specialty Training and Workshop Topics

Giving Hearts Day 

We love Giving Hearts Day. I mean, seriously love it. The folks over at DMF have created a philanthropic phenomenon, and we want to make sure you enjoy as much success as possible on this incredible day! We'll take your GHD training a step further and help customize a plan for your organization - whatever the size - and help pave the way for fundraising greatness. Day long sessions include brainstorming event themes, marketing material and social media planning and most importantly donor acquisition and activation strategies to help solicit your match and leverage generosity from across your donor base!

End of Year Donor Bootcamp

A preparatory walkthrough of your organization’s end-of-year fundraising plan. Fourth quarter fundraising is the most lucrative opportunity to capture donors that are inspired by the “giving season.” Let's go get 'em! In this day-long workshop, we will help create your end of year marketing materials, end of year appeals and talking points to maximize your final push of the fundraising year. We will review the lists of donors who gave in the previous year but haven't sent a gift in this year, and create individual solicitation plans to ensure the best chance for donors to return and help your bottom line!


Lunch and Learn Seminars

Ok, so maybe you don't have a WHOLE day to dedicate to training, but you still want to be inspired to raise more money, or do good better? We've got you covered! We can customise a lunch & learn seminar with topics ranging from happiness, avoiding burnout, dealing with "no" and general brainstorming sessions about events, or fundraising ideas while stuffing our faces with delicious eats. Great. Now I'm hungry just thinking about it.